Dead Space Event Battlefield 2042 Brings Outbreak Mode

Despite no more seasonal content updates, Battlefield 2042 introduces a limited-time Dead Space-themed Outbreak mode. This horde-like experience pits four-player teams against waves of "Augmented Targets".

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Dead Space Event Battlefield 2042 Outbreak Mode

Credits: Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 Patch Notes Detail Dead Space Event

Battlefield 2042 is set to receive a Dead Space-themed Outbreak mode, bringing a fresh, horde-like experience to the game. Despite the lack of further seasonal content updates, Electronic Arts (EA) has announced this exciting new mode, which will be part of Update 7.4 and is slated for release on July 9.

In Outbreak, teams of four will battle against waves of "Augmented Targets"

On the Redacted map. These targets resemble the necromorphs from Dead Space, and players must progress through eight different sections of Redacted before calling in an elevator for extraction. Each player gets one life per wave, with respawns available if at least one team member survives. Players can choose any Specialist or class, and have access to various gadgets and tools. However, weapon upgrades and purchases are limited to "Ascension Points," earned by defeating Augmented Targets and spent at armory stations throughout the mode.

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Battlefield 2042 - Credits: Battlefield 2042

Rewards for participating in this event include

Skins, player cards, weapon charms, and a Casper skin. Items like the Made Anew MP28 skin, Genesis/Necrosis player card, Future Imperfect weapon charm, and Unifier player tag can be unlocked through gameplay. Additionally, the "Scenario Five" store bundle offers more weapon skins and a new Casper look for 2,400 Battlefield Coins.

Fans should not miss this limited-time event, as the Dead Space-themed Outbreak mode will only be available from July 9 to July 16.

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