Disney Dreamlight Valley Inside Out 2 Free Content: How to Get It

Learn how to get free Inside Out 2 cosmetics in Disney Dreamlight Valley, including mood bracelets and participating in the Memory Mania Event.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley Inside Out 2 Free Content

Credits: Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley Inside Out 2 free content is now available for players to enjoy

Inside Out 2 hit theaters last month, and Disney Dreamlight Valley is celebrating with special in-game items. Although no characters from the movie have been added to the valley, players can claim free items inspired by the film. By using the code IO22024, players will receive four free mood bracelets that their character can wear in the game. Note that the first two parts of the code are letters, not numbers. The expiration date for this code is currently unknown.

How to Redeem a Code in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley occasionally offers codes for free items, though it happens infrequently. To claim this free offer, players must go to the main menu and head to the Settings section. Under Help, players will find a section to enter a code for redemption. Once the code is correctly claimed, the player will receive a notification to check their in-game mailbox, where the rewards will be in a letter marked "Memory Mania Event." The bracelets are themed around Anxiety, Embarrassment, Ennui, and Envy.

While redeeming that code, players can also redeem codes for several pride-related items that went live late last month. These codes have no expiration date and include eight different themed color bundles. The codes are PRIDEGLEAM24, PRIDEILLUMINATE24, PRIDESHINE24, PRIDESHIMMER24, PRIDEGLOW24, PRIDERADIATE24, PRIDEBRIGHT24, and PRIDEBRIGHT24.

Inside Out 2 Memory Mania Event

In addition to the code for free bracelets, Disney Dreamlight Valley is hosting an in-game event inspired by Inside Out 2. The Memory Mania Event launched alongside the game's most recent update and allows players to unlock new animal companions inspired by the film's various emotions. Inside Out 2 emphasizes Riley's passion for hockey, and the event centers around this theme. To participate, players must search the valley and Realms to collect Riley's hockey gear, birthday cakes, and trophies.

This Disney Dreamlight Valley Inside Out 2 free content offers fans a great opportunity to enhance their game experience with items inspired by the beloved film. Don't miss out on these exciting freebies and events Share your thoughts with us on X, Facebook, or Instagram.

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Aisha Patel

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