Step-by-Step Guide to Blocking and Deflecting Attacks in MultiVersus

MultiVersus is a platform fighting game where mastering your character and mechanics like blocking and deflecting attacks is crucial Learn how to time your blocks and deflections perfectly to turn the tide in your favor.

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Shaggy blocking Morty's attack in MultiVersus

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Master the Art of Blocking and Deflecting Attacks in MultiVersus

MultiVersus is a platform fighting game where players must master their chosen character and essential fighting mechanics like blocking and deflecting attacks. These mechanics are critical features in MultiVersus, allowing players to avoid damage and create counter-attack opportunities. Timing your blocks and deflections correctly opens up opportunities for counter-attacks.

Most modern fighting games, including MultiVersus

Have blocking and deflecting mechanics. These functions are similar to a dodge but reward players for perfect timing. Successfully blocking or deflecting an opponent's attack negates the damage and creates a chance for a counter-attack, which can be pivotal in turning the tide of battle.

How To Block and Deflect Attacks in MultiVersus

To block and deflect attacks in MultiVersus, you must execute a neutral dodge at the moment an enemy attacks. This is done by pressing the jump/dash button while staying still. On a controller, this is the 'B' button, and on a keyboard, it’s the L-Shift key.

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Remaining still is crucial when attempting to block or deflect an attack. Moving in any direction will result in a regular dodge, which doesn't provide the benefits of a block or deflection. It's easier to practice deflecting with slow-moving projectiles; characters like Morty are ideal for getting the timing right.

Timing is the key to a successful block or deflection.

Dodging too early or too late will result in taking damage. In MultiVersus, you can block or deflect any attack, including special attacks and projectiles. Each fighter and attack has a unique timing window due to different speeds.

What Do Blocking and Deflecting Do In MultiVersus?

Think of blocking and deflecting as enhanced versions of a dodge. Successfully blocking or deflecting an attack negates any damage you would have taken and briefly stuns your opponent, giving you a window to counter-attack. While attempting a block or deflection can be risky as you must remain neutral, the rewards are significant.

Blocking and deflecting are excellent for shifting the momentum of combat. If you’re caught in an opponent’s combo, a perfect deflection can help you regain control. Knowing when to block or deflect is as crucial as the act itself.

Blocking and deflecting are most effective against projectiles or slower special attacks. For normal attacks, simple dodges are usually better. Mastering these mechanics is essential for improving in MultiVersus, winning matches, and earning more Prestige Points.

Aisha Patel

Aisha Patel

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