Warzone Blaze Up Event Guide: Challenges & Free Rewards (2024)

Blaze Up in MW3 & Warzone! Earn weapon stickers, killstreak skins & a weapon blueprint by completing themed challenges. Ends April 24th.

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Warzone Blaze Up Event Guide: Challenges & Rewards (2024)

Credits: Activision

Calling all Call of Duty players! A brand new "Blaze Up" event is live in Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone, inspired by the spirit of 4/20. This limited-time event (until April 24th) offers a variety of unique rewards you can unlock by completing themed challenges.

Here's how to blaze your way to free loot:

The Blaze Up event features 11 challenges, each with three objectives – one for multiplayer, Zombies, and Warzone. You only need to complete one objective per challenge to unlock the reward.

Ready to light up the competition? Here's a peek at some of the rewards you can earn:

  • Double XP Token (30 minutes)

Challenge Examples:

  • Multiplayer: Get 25 operator clean kills with the Akimbo attachment equipped.
  • Zombies: Get 50 Hellhound kills with shotguns.
  • Warzone: Open 20 loot caches in a single Resurgence match on Rebirth Island.

Don't miss out on this chance to grab some exclusive rewards and celebrate in Call of Duty style!

Challenge: Hot Out of the Oven - Weapon Sticker

Unlock Requirement: Complete one of the following objectives:

  • Multiplayer: Get 10 operator quickscope kills with the Stalker Boots perk equipped.
    • Explanation: In multiplayer mode, score 10 eliminations by quickly aiming down sights (quickscoping) with a sniper rifle while using the Stalker Boots perk. This perk reduces your footstep noise, making it easier to surprise enemies.
  • Zombies: Get 80 critical hits with snipers, marksman rifles, or battle rifles.
    • Explanation: In Zombies mode, land 80 critical hits (landing a shot on a weak spot) with sniper rifles, marksman rifles, or battle rifles to unlock the sticker.
  • Warzone: Activate the boat horn near Factory on Rebirth Island.
    • Explanation: In Warzone's Rebirth Island map, locate the Factory area and activate the boat horn found there. This might involve finding a specific boat or a designated horn interaction point.

Hot Out of the Oven - Weapon Sticker

  • Multiplayer: Get 10 quickscope kills (fast sniper zoom kills) with Stalker Boots (reduced footstep noise perk) equipped.
  • Zombies: Land 80 critical hits with sniper, marksman, or battle rifles.
  • Warzone: Activate the boat horn near Factory on Rebirth Island.

Weedson - Wheelson Killstreak Skin

  • Multiplayer: Earn 20 direct impact kills (hitting enemies directly) with launchers.
  • Zombies: Eliminate 50 Brain Rot zombies (special infected zombies).
  • Warzone: Collect 50 gummies scattered throughout the map in High Trip Resurgence mode.

High as a Duck - Weapon Charm

  • Multiplayer: Hit 20 operators with tear gas while using the Tac Mask perk (protects against gas effects).
  • Zombies: Complete 4 contracts (optional objectives).
  • Warzone: Finish 5 Spy Drones contracts (locate and destroy enemy Spy Drones).

Seeing Sound - Weapon Sticker

  • Multiplayer: Use Stim (health boost) or Battle Rage (increased damage) tactical equipment 15 times.
  • Zombies: Destroy 4 vehicles.
  • Warzone: During parachute deployment, land on the gondola on Rebirth Island.

(Repeat this format for all remaining challenges and rewards)

Final Note: Completing all 11 challenges unlocks the Daymares weapon blueprint for the WSP Swarm submachine gun.

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