Destiny 2 Weekly Reset: Conquer Pantheon, Earn Adept Rewards

Guardians, a new era dawns in Destiny 2! This week's reset brings the challenging Pantheon activity, Adept rewards in the Nightfall, and the return of fan-favorite weapons.

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Destiny 2 Weekly Reset

Destiny 2 Guardians, a new week brings a fresh wave of challenges and rewards! This reset (May 3rd, 2024) marks the arrival of Pantheon, a brand new PvE gauntlet activity that will test your fireteam's teamwork and skills against a gauntlet of escalating boss encounters.

Challenge the Pantheon and Claim Powerful Loot:

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Bungie promises increasing difficulty each week, with four bosses this week and growing to eight by May 21st. Conquer these challenges and be rewarded with top-tier loot, including:

  • Adept Raid Gear
  • Deepsight Enabled Raid Weapons
  • Exotic Armor

Nightfall: The Corrupted Returns with a Twist:

This week's Nightfall Strike is The Corrupted. Brace yourselves for a gauntlet of modifiers like Extra Shields, Arc/Void/Solar Singe, and the pinnacle challenge - Grandmaster with Extinguish (one death wipes the team). Overcome these challenges and earn the coveted Wild Style (Adept Grenade Launcher).

Classic Weapons Make a Grand Reappearance:

The "Into The Light" update brings back two beloved weapons for players to chase:

  • Luna's Howl (Hand Cannon): Previously a coveted reward from a Season 4 Crucible quest.
  • Blast Furnace (Pulse Rifle): Introduced during the Black Armory expansion.

Seasonal Activities and Challenges Await:

  • Season of the Wish Activities: Explore the wonders of Neomuna, complete the Weekly Mission for Pinnacle rewards, conquer the Incursion Zone, and delve into Partition missions.
  • Featured Exotic Mission: Presage (Dead Man's Tale scout rifle)
  • Featured Raid: Garden of Salvation
  • Featured Dungeon: Spire of the Watcher
  • Season of the Wish Weekly Challenges: Complete these challenges for engrams, Bright Dust, and seasonal gear.

Crucible and Gambit:

Earn a Pinnacle/Exotic engram by playing three Crucible matches (Final Appearance of Iron Banner, Clash, Showdown) or Gambit.

For the Collectors:

  • Xur Exotic Items: This week, Xur offers Getaway Artist (Warlock Gauntlets), Lucky Raspberry (Hunter Chest Armor), Dunemarchers (Titan Leg Armor), Prometheus Lens (Trace Rifle), and Hawkmoon (Hand Cannon) along with other exotics and rolls.
  • Legacy Content: Explore Trove Guardian, Wandering Nightmare, the Beyond Light campaign, Moon Nightmare Activities, Dares of Eternity, The Dreaming City, The Blind Well, and the Ascendant Challenge.

Trials of Osiris:

Trials of Osiris is currently on hold due to Iron Banner being the featured Crucible mode this week.

Stay Updated, Guardians!

This is just a glimpse into the exciting world of Destiny 2 this week. For a complete list and detailed information, be sure to visit the official Bungie website.

Thomas Brodie

Thomas Brodie

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