Friend or Foe? Apex Legends Season 21 Introduces Alter

Apex Legends Season 21 welcomes a new Legend: Alter. But is she here to help or hinder?

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Apex Legends' new character, Alter, has horns

Credits: Apex Legends

Apex Legends Season 21: New Legend Alter

brings mayhem to the Apex Games! But is she a friend or a foe? Her mysterious past and chaotic abilities leave players wondering.

Chaotic Core:

  • Unpredictable Personality: Alter's very essence screams chaos. Her abilities are a whirlwind, and her backstory remains a tangled mess. Whenever questioned about her past, she offers conflicting narratives, leaving players to wonder if anything she says is true. Is she a master manipulator or simply unreliable?
  • Designed for Mayhem: Even Alter's design choices, like the horns and tail, aren't just for show. They connect to her abilities and hint at a deeper meaning within her story. What do these features represent?

Mysterious Fixation:

  • Obsessed with Obliteration: Jaclyn Seto, the writer behind Alter, reveals the legend's unsettling obsession with witnessing the end of worlds. This doesn't necessarily confirm a multiverse plotline, but there are hints of a dimensional twist in Alter's narrative. Where does this fascination stem from? What role do dimensions play?

Deception Disguised:

  • Beyond Aesthetics: Those horns and the tail aren't just cosmetic additions. They hold narrative weight and connect directly to Alter's abilities. This furthers the mystery surrounding her – what is the true purpose of these features?

A Friend... or Foe?

  • Trustworthy Teammate?: Seto suggests players might grapple with trusting Alter, making her a complex and unpredictable addition to the game. Will she be a chaotic teammate or a devious foe? Only time will tell.

A Villainous Turn:

  • Breaking the Mold: Season 21 marks a significant shift for Apex Legends with Apex Legends Season 21 new legend Alter's arrival. She's the first new legend with a villainous bent in quite some time. Her abilities could have been used for good, but the developers opted for a fear-inducing legend players can't simply avoid. What makes her a villain? What are her motives?

Shifting the Landscape:

  • Uncertain Impact: While the reasons behind Alter's obsession with destruction remain a mystery, her presence promises to significantly impact the established Apex Legends universe. How will she shake things up? What challenges will she bring?
  • Apex Legends Season 21: New Legend Alter promises to be a game-changer. Will you embrace the chaos or fight against it?
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