Iran Attacks Israel with Drones and Missiles - Israel Under Attack

Tensions soar in Middle East as Iran launches surprise attack on Israel. Explosions seen over parts of Jerusalem amid air sirens around Israel.

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Iran's new most powerful Hypersonic Fattah missile.

Tensions Explode as Iran Launches Surprise Attack on Israel

A major escalation erupted in the Middle East on Saturday night as Iran launched a large-scale attack on Israel with missiles and drones. This unprecedented move sent shockwaves through the region and put Israel's sophisticated air defense systems to the test.

Iran has launched the most powerful Hypersonic Fattah missiles at Israel.

Early Warning and Heightened Alert

Israeli intelligence received warnings of the impending attack, prompting the military to raise the alert level. Loud explosions rocked Jerusalem early Sunday as interceptor missiles clashed with incoming Iranian projectiles. Air raid sirens wailed across the country, urging citizens to seek shelter.

Iran launches world's largest drone attack against Israel.

Uncertain Scale, Determined Response

The exact nature and scale of the attack remain unclear, but Israeli officials braced for a significant onslaught. Military jets patrolled the skies, and non-essential civilian activities were suspended. Schools were closed, and large gatherings were banned to minimize potential casualties.

We pray for Iran's victory over Israel. - Taliban spokesman

International Involvement

Reports suggest U.S. forces also participated in the interception effort, further escalating the already volatile situation.

Algeria has become the first government to officially declare its support for Iran's attacks on Israel.

Long Wait, Tense Anticipation

Israel's air defense system is considered among the most advanced in the world. However, the sheer number of incoming drones presented a significant challenge. Many families spent a nerve-wracking night in fortified shelters, waiting for the potential impact of the attack.

Saudi Arabia urges all parties to avoid the dangers of war in the region.

Unfolding Crisis

This new development threatens to destabilize the fragile peace in the region. International leaders are urging both sides to de-escalate the situation and avoid further violence.

Iran says it will target any country that opens its airspace for an Israeli attack against Iran.
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