Superhero Showdown Marvel Rivals Arrives on PS5

Marvel Rivals is officially coming to PlayStation 5 Join the action-packed multiplayer game, build your team of iconic superheroes, and experience exclusive content like the Scarlet Spider skin.

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Marvel Rivals Coming to PlayStation 5

Attention Marvel fans and gamers, The thrilling new game, Marvel Rivals, is officially coming to PlayStation 5, team of superheroes and dive into the excitement of team-based battles in the Marvel universe.

Marvel Rivals on PS5

Initially announced only for PC, this popular multiplayer game will now be available on PlayStation 5, bringing the thrill of superhero battles to your console. Get ready to experience the action like never before on the next-gen platform.

Closed Beta in July

Can't wait to get started? A closed beta test will begin in July, giving you a chance to try out the game early. Join other players, test your skills, and experience the excitement of Marvel Rivals before its official launch.

Exclusive Scarlet Spider Skin for PS5

PlayStation 5 players will get an exclusive Scarlet Spider skin, allowing you to show off your Spider-Man fandom with a unique look in the game. Stand out on the battlefield with this special, PS5-only addition.

Team Up with Marvel Heroes

Marvel Rivals on PS5 offers a vast roster of iconic characters from the Marvel universe. Choose from the Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, X-Men, and many more. Whether you want to wield Captain America's shield, master the mystical arts with Doctor Strange, or swing through the city as Spider-Man, the possibilities are endless.

Stay Tuned for the Release Date

More information about the official release date will be announced soon. Keep an eye out for updates so you can be among the first to jump into the action and dominate the battlefield with your favorite Marvel heroes.


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This announcement is thrilling news for PlayStation owners. Prepare for epic, team-based superhero battles in Marvel Rivals on PS5.

Get ready for the ultimate superhero experience with Marvel Rivals on PS5.

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