Assemble Your Squad! Free-to-Play 'Marvel Rivals' Launches in May with Spider-Man, Rocket & More

Marvel brawls hit PC this May! Free-to-play "Marvel Rivals" lets you pick your hero (Iron Man? Spider-Man!), team up, and dominate across iconic locations. New content keeps the fight fresh. Assemble your crew!

Aisha Patel, scientist, turns cities into green havens.

Aisha Patel

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Assemble Your Squad! 'Marvel Rivals' Launches in May

Credits: Marvel Games/NetEase

Calling All Super Fans: Free Marvel Shooter "Marvel Rivals" Lands on PC This May!

Suit up, true believers! A brand new free-to-play PC game called Marvel Rivals is blasting off this May, and it's all about epic superhero team battles. We're talking 18 playable characters right off the bat, including heavy hitters like Black Panther, Iron Man, and Spider-Man. Get ready to unleash your inner hero and dominate the battlefield!

Here's what makes Marvel Rivals stand out:

  • Build Your Dream Team: Choose from a whopping 18 heroes and villains at launch, with even more promised in future updates!
  • Unleash Awesome Powers: Imagine blasting enemies with Iron Man's repulsor rays, swinging through the city as Spider-Man, or smashing foes with Hulk's incredible strength! It's all here.
  • Fight Across Iconic Locations: The battlegrounds of Marvel Rivals span the entire Marvel Universe, from the majestic halls of Asgard to the neon-drenched streets of Tokyo in 2099!
  • Unfolding Storyline: Experience a brand new Marvel adventure crafted by NetEase, where heroes and villains must team up to face a threat that stretches across time!
  • Combine Your Powers: Strategize with your teammates to unleash devastating combo attacks and defensive maneuvers. Think Rocket riding Groot into battle or Doctor Strange teleporting the Punisher's bullets for ultimate destruction!

Constant Content Drops: Get ready for regular updates featuring new characters, maps, and fresh challenges to keep the action going!

Forget the rest, this is Marvel Rivals! Join the free-to-play fight in May and become a legend in the ever-expanding Marvel Multiverse!

Here's why you should be pumped:

  • Free-to-Play: No paywall here, jump right into the action!
  • Play as Your Favorites: Take control of iconic Marvel heroes and villains!
  • Team Up for Victory: Combine powers for strategic dominance!
  • Always Evolving: New content keeps the game fresh and exciting!

Ready to assemble your ultimate team? Stay tuned for the official release date!

Watch the trailer for "Marvel Rivals":

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Aisha Patel

Aisha Patel

Turning cities into green havens. Passionate about sustainable urban development, she transforms concrete jungles into lush havens.