Minecraft Releases Native PS5 Version, Matches Xbox Series X and S

Minecraft developer Mojang has launched a preview of the native PS5 version, matching the Xbox Series X and S versions. The PS5 version supports 4K resolution but lacks ray tracing.

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Minecraft PS5 version preview with 4K resolution.

Credits: Minecraft

The PS5 version adds native 4K resolution

Minecraft developer Mojang has released a preview version of Minecraft for the PlayStation 5, bringing it up to par with the Xbox Series X and S versions. This new PS5 version includes native 4K resolution support and enhanced settings for render distances and anti-aliasing, features already available on Xbox Series X and S. However, there is still no ray tracing available for either console version, despite past hints from Microsoft.

The first preview of the PS5 version is now available for testing.

If you have the PlayStation 4 version on your PS5, you can try this preview by going to Settings and then Preview within the game. This preview also features the new Tricky Trials update. Multiplayer is available only with other PlayStation 4 and 5 players, except when playing on Realms, which allows cross-play with players on other devices. Note that this preview does not include access to the Minecraft Store.

Mojang explained in a blog post that releasing a native PS5 version will help the game run more efficiently on the PS5’s hardware.

Minecraft remains the best-selling video game of all time

With 300 million copies sold since its initial release in 2009. Despite its success, Microsoft and Mojang have not released a sequel. Xbox boss Phil Spencer mentioned last year that Minecraft still has 120 million monthly players.

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