SEGA Announces Fearless: Year of Shadow Fan Celebration

SEGA celebrates Shadow the Hedgehog with a year-long event - Fearless: Year of Shadow! Play new content, attend live events, and unleash your inner Shadow.

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Thomas Brodie

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SEGA Announces Fearless: Year of Shadow Fan Celebration

Credits: SEGA

SEGA is celebrating everyone's favorite brooding hedgehog, Shadow the Hedgehog! This year-long campaign, Fearless: Year of Shadow, honors both Shadow and his fans who bravely face challenges.

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What's in store?

  • A custom-built Shadow motorcycle will be touring events like MotoGP, showcasing fearless action!
  • Play new Shadow content in mobile games like Sonic Forces and Sonic Dash.
  • Build your own LEGO® Shadow the Hedgehog™ escape plan!
  • Experience Shadow's music added to the Sonic Symphony World Tour.
  • Play as Shadow in an all-new story in the upcoming game SONIC X SHADOW GENERATIONS.

Join the celebration and embrace your inner Shadow! Visit the Fearless website for more details.

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Thomas Brodie

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