Super Smash Bros. vs. Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero - The Ultimate Showdown?

Dragon Ball: Sparking! ZERO's roster might eclipse Super Smash Bros. Ultimate! Trailers hint at hundreds of fighters, from iconic heroes to obscure villains, making it the ultimate Dragon Ball showdown.

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Super Smash Bros. vs. Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero - Showdown

Credits: Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball fans, rejoice! Sparking! ZERO, the revival of the beloved Budokai Tenkaichi series, promises an epic roster potentially dwarfing even Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Trailers hint at a massive fighter pool, drawing from across Dragon Ball history.

Beyond Familiar Faces:

While familiar heroes like Goku and Vegeta are a given, Sparking! ZERO goes deeper. Recently confirmed characters like Jeice, Burter, Toppo, and Dyspo showcase the game's commitment to variety. These lesser-known fighters bring unique moves and styles, enriching the overall experience.

A Roster for the Ages:

The sheer size of the potential roster is staggering. Trailers tease a massive grid filling with fighters, suggesting hundreds could be included. With Dragon Ball's vast cast, Sparking! ZERO might offer the ultimate collection of Dragon Ball brawlers. Potential inclusion of non-canon characters could further solidify this dominance.

A Legacy of Great Rosters:

Fighting games live and die by their character selection, and Dragon Ball titles have always excelled in this area. Sparking! ZERO seems poised to continue this tradition, potentially surpassing even Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's impressive roster. This variety promises a healthy meta-game and long-lasting excitement for fans.

Dragon Ball: Sparking! ZERO's roster presents a compelling reason for fans to be hyped. It could be the ultimate celebration of Dragon Ball fighters, offering an unmatched selection of characters for epic battles.

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