Tesla Drops Steam Games in New Model S & X: Switch to Handheld or Streaming?

Tesla stopped Steam support and the best alternatives for in-car entertainment.

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Tesla drops Steam games: Find new ways to play on the road

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No More Steam Games in New Teslas? Here's What You Need to Know

Tesla drops Steam games in new Model S & X, according to a report by electric vehicle blog Electrek. This news comes as a surprise to gamers who were looking forward to enjoying their favorite Steam titles on the large in-car display while parked.

The news comes via letters reportedly sent to new Model S and X owners, informing them that the update to the car's internal computer eliminates the ability to play Steam games. However, the letter reassures users that

"all other entertainment and app functionalities are unaffected."

This removal of functionality is likely due to changes in the car's computer hardware and shouldn't affect existing Tesla owners who already have Steam game support. It's worth noting that Steam game support was still in beta when it was first introduced in December 2022, despite Tesla CEO Elon Musk previously promising a full launch by August of that year.

While the concept of playing games on the large in-car display while parked was an interesting perk, it wasn't without limitations. Thankfully, for gamers on the go, there are still plenty of options. Dedicated handheld consoles like the Nintendo Switch and Steam Deck offer a fantastic gaming experience, while remote streaming solutions like PlayStation Portal allow you to access your home console library from your car.

with Tesla dropping Steam games in new Model S & X, we're left wondering if dedicated handheld consoles are the new way to go for in-car entertainment.

This news comes amidst ongoing concerns surrounding the recently released Tesla Cybertruck. Early adopters have reported issues with the vehicle, and some models were even recalled due to a potential issue with the accelerator pedal that could increase the risk of a crash.

Key Highlights:

  • New Tesla Model S and X owners lose Steam game support due to hardware updates.
  • Other entertainment apps and functionalities remain unaffected.
  • Steam game support was still in beta and never received a full launch.
  • Dedicated handheld consoles and remote streaming solutions offer alternative in-car gaming options.
  • Tesla Cybertruck continues to face issues with reported problems and a recent recall.
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