Don't Miss It! Total Solar Eclipse 2024: When, How Long & How to Watch Online

Witness a rare sight! Don't miss the total solar eclipse gracing North America on April 8th. Moon blocks the sun, plunging the path of totality into darkness for a stunning 2-4 minutes.

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Total Solar Eclipse 2024: When, How Long & Watch Online

When & Where to Witness This Once-in-a-Lifetime Event

A awe-inspiring total solar eclipse will grace North America on April 8th! The moon will completely block the sun for a brief period, creating a breathtaking celestial spectacle. This article will guide you through everything you need to know:

  • Timings & Path of Totality: The eclipse starts over the Pacific Ocean, then sweeps across parts of Mexico, the US, and Canada. Only a narrow band (path of totality) will experience complete darkness during totality, lasting 2-4 minutes.

Wondering if you're in the path? If you’re in North America, then be sure to check out NASA’s handy Eclipse Explorer interactive map.

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This map can help you discover the extent to which the eclipse will be visible in your area, along with the exact times at which the different stages will occur.

  • How to Watch Safely: Never look directly at the sun! It can permanently damage your vision. Use specially designed eclipse glasses or filters that meet international safety standards. Consider a pinhole projector for indirect viewing.
  • Live Stream: Catch the entire event online via NASA's live stream! Witness the eclipse unfold from the comfort of your home. NASA's Official Broadcast starts at 1 PM EDT and features expert commentary.
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What to Expect During Totality

Those lucky enough to be in the path of totality will witness a dramatic shift. Day turns to dusk, stars become visible, and the sun's corona (outer atmosphere) appears as a faint white glow.

Beyond the Path of Totality:

Even outside the path, a partial eclipse will be visible in most of North America. You can still enjoy the spectacle through the NASA live stream.

This is a rare chance to witness the amazing power of celestial mechanics!

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