Alan Wake 2: The Lake House Release Date Announced

Alan Wake 2's next expansion, The Lake House, will be released just in time for Halloween, promising a thrilling conclusion to the game's story.

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Alan Wake 2: The Lake House Release Date Announced

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Remedy Entertainment has revealed the release window for its upcoming expansion for Alan Wake 2, titled The Lake House

About a month after the first DLC, Night Springs, was released for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC, fans have been eagerly anticipating the arrival of The Lake House to complete the Alan Wake 2 experience. While a specific release date hasn't been provided, Remedy has announced that the DLC will be available in October 2024.

According to a recent update on the official Alan Wake 2 FAQ

The Lake House is slated for an October release. This timing aligns with the launch of the physical edition of Alan Wake 2, which will hit stores in late October. Although details about The Lake House remain sparse, Remedy has shared a brief description of the expansion's premise.

"The Lake House is a mysterious facility situated on the shores of Cauldron Lake set up by an independent government organization to conduct secret research… until something goes wrong,"
"Explore the Lake House and embark on an adventure as the realities of the Pacific Northwest and the Dark Place collide again."

This expansion could play a significant role in the future of the Remedy Connected Universe which ties together several of Remedy's games, including Control and Alan Wake 2. With a sequel to Control already in the works, the story told in The Lake House might set the stage for what's to come. We'll have to wait a few more months to see how this unfolds.


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Are you excited to play The Lake House when it launches for Alan Wake 2 in October? Do you think this DLC will influence the future of the Remedy Connected Universe? Alan Wake 2: The Lake House Release Date Announced.

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