Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 on Xbox with Game Pass

Black Ops 6 storms Xbox Game Pass on launch day, marking a historic first for the service. Get ready to dive in from day one with your Game Pass subscription.

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Black Ops 6 on Xbox from day one Play it with subscription.

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Black Ops 6 Explodes onto Xbox Game Pass on Day One

Hold onto your grenades, soldiers! This week, Xbox and Activision dropped a massive announcement that has Call of Duty fans scrambling for their controllers.Get ready to experience Black Ops 6 on Xbox from day one, straight through Xbox Game Pass This historic move marks the first time a major Call of Duty title arrives on the popular subscription service at launch.

Here's what you need to know:

  • Black Ops 6 joins the Xbox Game Pass library at launch (exact release date still under wraps). This marks a historic first for the popular subscription service, offering day-one access to a major Call of Duty title.
  • The wait is almost over, June 9th is the big reveal day. Mark your calendars for the Xbox Games Showcase, followed by a dedicated Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 Direct presentation. Get ready for a deep dive into gameplay details and more.
  • Questions remain. With Black Ops 6 joining the Game Pass party, speculation swirls about potential adjustments to subscription prices. However, for now, the focus is on celebrating this exciting addition to the Xbox Game Pass lineup.

This announcement is a game-changer for Xbox Game Pass subscribers, Get ready to experience the next chapter in the Black Ops saga from launch day, all within the convenience of your Game Pass membership.


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Black Ops 6 on Xbox Game Pass on day one? Absolutely don't miss out on the June 9th reveals. Stay tuned for more intel on this highly anticipated title and prepare to dominate the battlefield when Black Ops 6 arrives.

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