Fortnite Mobile Update Epic Games Shares Latest Progress

Epic Games continues its efforts to bring Fortnite to iOS devices, sharing recent progress and future plans for the mobile version of Fortnite and the Epic Games Store.

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Fortnite Mobile Update

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Epic Games is diligently working to bring Fortnite back to iOS devices

Fortnite Mobile Update

Currently, Fortnite is not available for download and play through the App Store on iOS devices, but Epic Games is striving to change that. This week, the company provided an update on the status of Fortnite Mobile for iOS and the mobile version of the Epic Games Store, which aims to offer a wide array of mobile games via Epic Games' platform.

The Epic Games Newsroom account on X announced that

"Epic Games has submitted the Epic Games Store and Fortnite to Apple for their required notarization process."

With this step completed, the next phase involves launching the mobile Epic Games Store and Fortnite on iOS devices in the EU. Epic Games is aiming to achieve this within the next couple of months and has plans to extend their mobile games to other app stores.

However, for Fortnite players in the United States on consoles or PC, these updates currently apply only to the EU. The laws in the EU enable Epic Games to potentially host its mobile store and apps on the iOS platform. No updates were given for similar plans in the U.S., where playing Fortnite on iOS devices still requires workarounds like cloud gaming.

The conflict between Epic Games and Apple began in 2020

When Epic introduced a direct payment option for Fortnite on mobile, bypassing Apple’s fees and offering a discount on V-Bucks. Apple responded by removing Fortnite from the App Store, leading to a prolonged legal dispute. Epic Games launched the "#FreeFortnite" campaign to rally consumer support against Apple. EU laws have since allowed Fortnite to return to iOS devices, but progress has been region-specific.


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"We look forward to serving customers in the European Union with access to Epic's great mobile titles, as well as apps from other developers through Epic Games Store Mobile!"

Epic Games stated.

"We plan to provide customers with a fantastic place to find the best mobile apps for their Android and iOS devices and interact with their friends, while providing developers with a distribution channel based on fairness and openness."

Fortnite Mobile Update Epic Games Shares Latest Progress.

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