Gray Zone Warfare: Roadmap Update and Future Plans

Gray Zone Warfare is set for a update with Patch 2 coming soon, says developer Madfinger Games, Along with this update, a roadmap detailing future content. The game recently hit a milestone with over 900,000 units sold.

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Gray Zone Warfare game update announcement.

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Upcoming Roadmap for Gray Zone Warfare Latest Update

Gray Zone Warfare players have exciting updates on the horizon as developer Madfinger Games has hinted that Patch 2 is,"just around the corner." Additionally, a detailed roadmap outlining future major content updates will soon follow.

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This news coincides

With the game achieving a significant milestone: over 900,000 units sold since its early access launch in April.

The announcement about the upcoming roadmap and the next major update was made on Steam, celebrating the 900,000-unit milestone.

This impressive figure includes only the base game. Since its release, Madfinger Games has issued several hotfixes, but only one substantial update, which addressed numerous issues and refined the game’s hyper realistic systems. The much-anticipated second major update is now imminent.

"With one month, one patch, and four hotfixes, we recognize there's still much to improve in Gray Zone Warfare. We greatly appreciate your patience and support as we strive to enhance the game,"

said Madfinger Games.

"We're working hard on optimizing the game, and Patch 2 is nearly here. Your feedback has been invaluable, and we're committed to fixing bugs and improving the game's quality. Soon, we'll unveil our roadmap for upcoming major content updates. Stay tuned"

The 900,000 units milestone only accounts for the base game. Gray Zone Warfare also launched with several different editions and options for players to upgrade. In addition to the base units sold, players have purchased over 475,000 DLC upgrades in the same month.

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