Grounded Switch Adventure: Craft, Build, Survive in a Giant World

Ever wished you were tiny? Grounded lets you explore a giant backyard shrunk down to bug size! Build your own tiny home, fight off creepy crawlies, and unravel the mystery with friends in this fun Switch adventure.

Maria Callas, indie game developer, showcases game artwork.

Maria Callas

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Grounded Switch lets you explore a giant backyard.

A Grounded Switch Adventure: Shrink Down for BIG Fun in a Tiny World

Grounded Switch Adventure: Ever wished you were tiny? Grounded shrinks you down to bug size and throws you into a backyard jungle! Blades of grass become towering walls, ladybugs turn into creepy crawlies, and a single raindrop is a tiny pool. It's a whole new world to explore and survive in your Grounded Switch Adventure!

Build Your Own Tiny Town!

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Just like Minecraft, Grounded lets you collect stuff from the giant backyard to build your own little home. Imagine using leaves for walls and acorns for hats! You can even craft tools like a pebble spear to fight off hungry bugs. Every blade of grass and pebble becomes a building block in your fight for survival in your Grounded Switch Adventure!

Unravel the Mystery!

There's more to Grounded than just surviving! You play as one of four shrunk kids on a mission to figure out why you're tiny and how to get back to normal. Explore the overgrown world and find clues from your old life, like a giant toy soldier or a sparkling soda can.

Team Up or Go Solo!

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Want to explore with friends? Grounded lets you team up with other shrunk survivors, both online and on the same Switch! Build amazing forts together, fight off bugs as a team, and uncover the secrets of the backyard jungle in your thrilling Grounded Switch Adventure!

Grounded on Switch: Big Fun in a Small World!

The Switch version of Grounded has everything you need for a big adventure, including all the latest updates. You can even play with friends on other platforms! But remember, the Switch version might run a little slower and look a bit different than other versions. Plus, playing online with friends might not always be perfect.

Grounded on Switch: A Fun Adventure with a Few Bugs!

Grounded on Switch is a fun and exciting adventure where you can explore, build, and survive in a giant backyard world! The story is cool, and crafting and building your own tiny world is awesome. However, the Switch version might not be as smooth or pretty as other platforms, and playing online with friends can be a bit tricky sometimes.

So, if you want the absolute best graphics and smoothest gameplay, Grounded might be better on another system. But if you're a Switch owner who loves adventures and doesn't mind a few bumps in the road, Grounded is still a blast! Get ready to explore, craft, and fight for survival in a world where you're the size of an ant in your epic Grounded Switch Adventure

Maria Callas

Maria Callas

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