GTA 6 Development Slowing Down, Rockstar Pushes Staff to Return to Office to Meet Release

The upcoming open-world sequel is scheduled for release next year, but there's concern among management that it might be pushed back to 2026.

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Emma Müller

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GTA 6 Development Delayed? Rockstar Enforces Office Work

Credits: Rockstar Games / GTA VI

Fans eagerly await news of Grand Theft Auto VI, the next installment in the hugely popular open-world crime series. Originally slated for release in 2025, the game's development may face a delay. According to reports, developer Rockstar Games is mandating a return to office work for its employees, potentially impacting their remote workflow and pushing the release date back to 2026.

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While details remain scarce, rumors suggest GTA VI could take players to a fictionalized version of Miami, bringing the series back to a sun-drenched and neon-lit crime haven. Players might embody a team of criminals working their way up the criminal underworld, with the ability to switch between characters for a unique gameplay experience.

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Emma Müller

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