Is Horizon Forbidden West Worth It on PC? A Complete Edition Review

Horizon Forbidden West PC: Stunning Sequel Delivers Thrilling Combat & Exploration.

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Horizon Forbidden West PC: Complete Edition Review

Credits: Horizon

Unravel the mysteries of a vibrant yet troubled world in Horizon Forbidden West, a sprawling action RPG now on PC!

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Story: Aloy returns in a compelling narrative filled with new allies and returning favorites. Explore diverse tribes with unique cultures and religions, but be prepared for some inconsistencies in world-building and character development.

Gameplay: Take down colossal machines in strategic combat with new tools like the grappling hook and Shieldwing Glider. Master a revamped skill tree with diverse melee combos, special ranged attacks, and powerful Valor Surges. Dismantle machines piece by piece to gather precious resources and adapt your tactics for maximum efficiency.

Exploration: Immerse yourself in a breathtaking open world teeming with life. Uncover secrets and solve puzzles, but be prepared for some instances of handholding and repetitive solutions.

PC Performance: Experience Horizon Forbidden West in stunning detail thanks to a smooth PC port by Nixxes. Enjoy high frame rates and support for cutting-edge technologies like DLSS, Frame Generation, and FSR.

Overall: Horizon Forbidden West offers a thrilling adventure with exceptional gameplay and a captivating world. While the story has some stumbles, the core experience remains fantastic, making it a must-play for RPG fans.

Emma Müller

Emma Müller

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