The Last of Us Part 2 PC Release Reportedly Long Finished

Rumors suggest that the PC version of The Last of Us Part II has been finished since last November, but PlayStation has yet to announce its release. the delay might be tied to the timing of The Last of Us HBO series.

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The Last of Us Part 2 PC Release

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The Last of Us Part 2 PC release is eagerly awaited by players

Especially since the first game came out on PC over a year ago. Despite no official announcement from PlayStation, rumors about the sequel's PC release have been circulating. According to reliable leaker billbil-kun, via VGC, the PC port of The Last of Us Part II has been finished since last November. The exact reason for the delay remains unclear, but it’s speculated that PlayStation might be aligning the release with the upcoming Season 2 of The Last of Us HBO series.

The next season of the HBO series

Will partially cover the events of The Last of Us Part II. With key characters already cast and sets replicating locations from the game, anticipation is building. However, it’s uncertain how much of the game's story will be included in the second season, as the narrative is expected to unfold over multiple seasons.

PlayStation might be strategically waiting to release the PC version of The Last of Us Part II to coincide with the new season, aiming to maximize interest and sales. This approach mirrors the timing of The Last of Us Part I's PC release, which followed the conclusion of the first season of the show. Holding finished games for optimal release timing is a common strategy in the gaming industry, often employed by companies like Nintendo.

Another possibility, though not mentioned by billbil-kun, is that PlayStation hopes the delay will encourage more players to purchase PlayStation consoles. In a recent business briefing, co-CEO Herman Hulst discussed the company's PC strategy, emphasizing the goal of attracting players with major titles and then enticing them to continue with sequels on PlayStation platforms.

PlayStation's recent announcement of the PC version of God of War Ragnarok

Set to release in September, also fits this pattern. This release comes nearly two and a half years after the previous God of War debuted on Steam, indicating a deliberate strategy of delayed PC launches. Those eager to play PlayStation games sooner will need to opt for a PS4 or PS5, while PC gamers must wait until PlayStation decides the timing is right.

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