The Rats: Netflix's Witcher Spinoff Could Feature Special Season 4 Episode

Dive into the potential for Netflix's Witcher spinoff, "The Rats," to become a standout episode in Season 4, exploring new characters and storylines.

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Character from The Witcher spinoff "The Rats"

Netflix's Witcher Spinoff The Rats May Be a Special Episode in Season 4

"The Rats" a potential Netflix Witcher spinoff, could be featured as a special episode in Season 4. Rumors abound about a second Witcher spinoff titled "The Rats," focusing on the group from the novels that intersect with Ciri and other protagonists. While Netflix hasn't officially confirmed the project, reports have mentioned involvement from specific writers and directors. According to the latest reports, the spinoff now has a confirmed title and may take the form of a standalone episode within The Witcher Season 4, rather than its own separate prequel series.

Redanian Intelligence disclosed

That the project's official title is "The Rats: A Witcher Tale," although this title might change if it's released independently. Filming for "The Rats: A Witcher Tale" reportedly began early last year, despite Netflix's uncertainties about its reception. Speculation suggests it could be integrated into The Witcher Season 4.

Director Mairzee Almas lists "The Rats" as a "Special episode" for Netflix on her LinkedIn profile. Casting director Sophie Holland hinted at a special Season 4 episode in an interview, highlighting a new ensemble cast introduced in Season 3, set to take center stage in the upcoming season.

"I recently had a wonderful opportunity with a very special – almost standalone – episode in Season 4 of The Witcher, exploring a completely new group," Holland revealed to Deadline. "We discovered new talent, like Connor Crawford from The Continental, who had pivotal scenes with Mel Gibson in the hotel bunker. He joined this group of kids in The Witcher, and the whole ensemble is filled with exciting talent: Christelle Elwin, Juliette Alexandra, Ben Radcliffe. You meet these characters in Season 3, and they really come into their own in Season 4."

While Netflix has not confirmed details about "The Rats" or its release date, it has confirmed that The Witcher will conclude with a fifth and final season.

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