Valorant Console Gyro Aiming Exclusion Explained by Devs

Valorant developers have confirmed that gyro aiming will not be included in the upcoming PS5 and Xbox Series X|S versions, aiming to maintain a balanced playing field across platforms.

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Valorant console gyro aiming exclusion

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Valorant Devs Explain Gyro Aiming Exclusion on Console

Valorant console gyro aiming won't be included in the upcoming PS5 and Xbox Series X|S releases. Valorant developers didn't want PS5 owners to have an advantage over those with Xbox.

Following years of rumors, a console version of Valorant was finally confirmed at Summer Game Fest on Friday. The first-person shooter has been available on PC for four years now and will be coming to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S in 2024. Riot Games hasn't provided many details yet, but product management lead Coleman Palm addressed one feature that won't be appearing on console: gyro aiming. Palm revealed on Twitter that the omission was intentional to avoid giving PS5 players an edge over Xbox users.

"Not a blind spot for us fwiw, but it's not supported on Xbox controllers natively. If we leaned super hard into gyro being 'the way to play' on console we'd be heavily favoring PS5>Xbox, which we don't want to do," said Palm.
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Hope for the Future

Some players expressed disappointment, arguing that gyro controls are the closest to mouse precision. While Valorant won't offer the feature at its console debut, Palm mentioned that developers are interested in the technology, suggesting that gyro aiming could appear on PS5 in the future.

"Not opposed to supporting it outright, we just wanted to focus innovations on more standard control paradigms out the gate to support players on both platforms. There are some folks internally who are pretty excited about gyro and have been for awhile," Palm clarified.

Making Valorant Worth the Wait

It's clear why Riot Games prioritized traditional controls initially rather than focusing on a feature not available on both platforms. Valorant's success on PC has led console users to anticipate its release eagerly.

Ensuring balanced gameplay is crucial for maintaining Valorant's success on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. If Riot Games can implement gyro aiming without giving PS5 players an unfair advantage, it might be added in the future. For now, console players will use traditional control schemes.

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