Wanted: Dead Review - A Cyberpunk Adventure in Neon Hong Kong

Unleash your katana in Wanted: Dead, a cyberpunk hack-and-slash adventure. Lead the Zombie Unit as Hannah Stone to fight cyborgs, mercenaries, and unravel a corporate conspiracy in neon-lit Hong Kong.

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Sofia Rossi

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Wanted: Dead cover art featuring Hannah Stone

Credits: Wanted: Dead

Wanted: Dead - A Cyberpunk Dive into Corporate Conspiracy

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Neon-Lit Cyberpunk Hong Kong - Credits: Wanted: Dead

Dive headfirst into the neon-drenched underworld of cyberpunk Hong Kong with Wanted: Dead. You take control of Lieutenant Hannah Stone, a former convict with a mysterious past

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Lieutenant Hannah Stone - Credits: Wanted: Dead

Leading the elite Zombie Unit, a squad of hardened cops with a reputation for getting things done, Hannah embarks on a thrilling mission to unravel a dark corporate conspiracy. The recent 1.13 Combat Overhaul Update further refines the gameplay experience, making Wanted: Dead an even more satisfying hack-and-slash adventure.

Uncovering the Truth: The Zombie Unit's Gritty Mission

The Zombie Unit is no ordinary police squad. This small, tightly-knit team comprises specialists with diverse skillsets, each crucial for their unconventional approach to tackling crime. Hannah, despite her troubled past, proves a capable leader, wielding her katana and tactical acumen with deadly efficiency.

A World of Neon, Grit, and Danger

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A Gruesome Wanted: Dead Enemy - Credits: Wanted: Dead

Hong Kong in Wanted: Dead isn't your typical bustling metropolis. Towering neon signs illuminate a city choked by corruption and controlled by a ruthless mega-corporation. As you navigate this gritty world, be prepared to face relentless cyborg enforcers, ruthless mercenaries, and even the ever-present threat of the undead. The constant danger adds a layer of intensity to your exploration and the fast-paced combat encounters.

Wanted: Dead

isn't for the faint of heart. It's a challenging and brutal cyberpunk adventure that throws you into a neon-drenched world of relentless enemies and corporate corruption. But for players who crave stylish combat, a gripping story, and a chance to unleash their inner cyber-slayer, Wanted: Dead offers a rewarding and unforgettable experience. Whether you master the blade or rely on a hail of gunfire, Wanted: Dead will push your skills to the limit and leave you wanting more.

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