Dr Disrespect Responds to Twitch Ban Allegations in First Stream

Dr Disrespect, aka Herschel "Guy" Beahm, addressed new allegations tied to his 2020 Twitch ban during his first stream since the claims emerged.

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Dr Disrespect Twitch ban allegations response

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Dr Disrespect, real name Herschel "Guy" Beahm

Addressed new allegations linked to his 2020 Twitch ban in his latest stream. On Friday, former Twitch employee Cody Conners alleged that Beahm was banned for "sexting a minor." Beahm denied the claims on social media and announced his next stream on Monday, where he gave another brief response regarding the dr disrespect twitch ban allegations.

During the stream on YouTube, Beahm refused to elaborate on the allegations and criticized the former Twitch employee who made the claims. He then shifted the focus to Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree, the game he plans to stream in the coming days.

"For those that are looking for me to expand on this weekend, not gonna," Beahm said while shaking his head.
"I already said what I needed to say. I don't give a f**k about this guy. That's it. I do appreciate the donations. I do appreciate the messages."

Following Conners' allegations, The Verge reported that another former Twitch employee supported the claims, stating that Beahm used Twitch's "Whispers" messaging service to contact a minor and suggest meeting at TwitchCon. No other public evidence has emerged to substantiate these allegations.

It remains to be seen if further statements will be made on this situation

Beahm's 2020 Twitch ban led to a significant lawsuit against Twitch, which was settled in 2022. Due to this lawsuit, Beahm has stated he cannot discuss the events openly, likely true for Twitch as well. We will keep you updated on X, Facebook, or Instagram, if anything further develops regarding the dr disrespect twitch ban allegations.

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