Once More, Apple Denies the Mobile Epic Games Store

Epic Games disclosed that it had resubmitted Fortnite and its mobile store to Apple's App Store for notarization. Apple rejected the submission due to similarities in the "Install" and "In-app purchases" buttons.

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Apple Denies Mobile Epic Games Store

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Apple Rejects Mobile Epic Games Store Again

An additional idea for an Epic Games Store mobile app has been turned down by Apple. It was recently disclosed by Epic Games that it has resubmitted Fortnite and its mobile store to Apple's App Store for notarization. But a week later, Epic Games disclosed that Apple had rejected the submission already. According to Epic Games, Apple objected to the app's layout and placement of the "Install" and "In-app purchases" buttons because they were too similar to their own.

About this refusal

Epic Games intends to voice concerns to the European Commission. Through the Epic Games Newsroom account on X, updates were provided regarding the ongoing conflict involving Epic Games and Apple. The statement claims that Apple rejected the software because of the in-app purchase labeling and the similarities between Apple's "Get" button and Epic's "Install" button.


Fortnite Mobile Update Epic Games Shares Latest Progress

In a statement that was spread over three tweets, Epic Games accused Apple of violating the DMA and called the company's decision arbitrary and obstructive. Notwithstanding these difficulties, Epic Games stated that, barring any more delays from Apple, they would be happy to release Fortnite and the Epic Games Store on iOS in the European Union in the coming months. Epic Games had previously stated that Fortnite would be included in the resubmission to Apple. The most recent announcement does not include Apple's reaction to the Fortnite proposal, but indicates plans to deploy both on iOS devices in Europe this year.

The latest in the ongoing saga, Apple denies the mobile Epic Games Store once more, highlighting the continued conflict between the tech giants.

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