Battle Pass System Changes in Apex Legends: No One Likes It

The new battle pass system in Apex Legends Season 22 will introduce significant changes, impacting pricing, rewards, and progression.

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Apex Legends Season 22 Battle Pass Changes Announced

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Apex Legends Season 22 Battle Pass Changes Announced

The Apex Legends Season 22 battle pass have brought significant alterations that have shot to the top of many players' wish lists. Individual preferences may vary, but the modifications coming to the battle pass are on everyone's radar. Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment aim to "improve your experience and progression goals" with a complete redesign of the battle pass system.

This overhaul includes

increased costs per season for battle passes and the removal of the option to purchase them with Apex Coins. Items that players used less frequently will be removed, and more crafting materials will be added to the battle pass. These final two changes have particularly impacted players since EA revealed the upcoming modifications this week.

Instead of a single combat pass for the entire season

EA has stated on the Apex site that there will be one battle pass per split in Season 22. Each pass will be shorter but will total more levels, with 60 levels per split next season, compared to the current 110 levels in the battle pass. Higher levels come with higher rewards, but this also means that the battle pass will cost twice as much. Players will need to purchase the first pass and then the second one as soon as Split 2 begins, costing $9.99 each in real money, as Apex Coins will no longer be usable for battle passes.

Additionally, EA is replacing the Premium Bundle, which previously offered 25 tier skips at the beginning of the season. The new "Premium+" version includes only 10 skips but adds more Apex Packs, Crafting Metals, and two additional legendary skin variants, costing $19.99, or $40 for both Premium+ Battle Passes for a season. It also comes with a perk to play all legends for that battle pass, which is less useful for seasoned players with surplus Legends Tokens.


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Players have reacted angrily to these battle pass modifications

declaring their intention to abandon the game and calling this the worst decision ever. While changes to ranking, matchmaking, and other aspects of the game often cause disagreement, the response to this modification has been overwhelmingly negative. EA has not released any further information since announcing the changes on Monday, so players will have to wait and see if this plan is implemented or if any adjustments are made.

The Apex Legends Season 22 battle pass changes announced have certainly stirred the community, and the upcoming season will reveal the full impact of these decisions.

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